Weird but Interesting Food Facts

Weird but Interesting Food Facts
Weird but Interesting Food Facts

Weird but Interesting Food Facts


Weird but Interesting Food Facts

Not all that glitters is gold!

Here are some facts about food that you may find hard to “Chew on”


(1) Some of your Food Contains Traces Of Insects

You could be forgiven for thinking that when you buy your food that it will be bug-free

and that the law would ensure that it stays that way.

Well, unfortunately it’s not so

It seems that some of these elements are allowable (and often unavoidable) in small quantities.

In the US, for example, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows for “natural defects” in food products

Moreover what this means is your food can legally contain traces of stuff that you probably don’t want to be swallowing!

The FDA will only begin an investigation into foods once they go over the allowable levels they set.

For example, chocolate would only every be investigated once it reaches 60 or more insect fragments per 100 grams – anything below this level is considered ok.

For peanut butter the level is set lower at 30 insect fragments per 100 grams.


(2) Chocolate May Soon Run Out

Bad news for those of you enjoying the chocolate goodness of the world


well he popular treat is in real danger of going into shortage.

Firstly for starters, prices of your favourite chocolate bars have in recent years been on the rise (or the bars have been shrinking in size) due to the growing global demand for cocoa.

In addition, the additional demand from emerging mass markets such as China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia mean there aren’t enough cacao trees to meet demand and the possibility of a supply shortfall could be on the way.


(3) Chewing on Coffee Beans Can Help Eliminate Bad Breath

For those overdoing it on the garlic and needing to rid yourself of the smell on your breath

Or those of you who choose to chew on some gum or even some extra strong mints..

the answer apparently lies in the coffee bean.

Yes, chewing on the roasted coffee beans can go some way to ridding you of your garlic or onion breath.

Other good options to freshen your breath include parsley or mint leaves.

If you prefer to drink your coffee rather than chew it then Israeli scientists have found that coffee can inhibit the bacteria that leads to bad breath, but best to drink it black.


(4) Bird’s Saliva Is Actually An Expensive Delicacy

Forget caviar and expensive truffles

Bird’s saliva is the food of the well-heeled, at least in China anyway.

Moreover, Bird’s nest soup, is an expensive delicacy made from rare bird’s nests created from the saliva of small swiftlets.

The nests, which have been used in Chinese cooking for over four centuries, are dissolved in water to make a soup which is believed to have exquisite flavour and be of benefit to health.

These bird nests are considered to be one of the most expensive animal food products consumed by humans.


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