Organic foods facts you don’t know

Organic foods facts you don't know
Organic foods facts you don't know

Organic foods facts you don’t know

Organic foods facts you don’t know

Here are some facts that nobody tells you about organic foods!

(1) They’re Better For Children

Research has suggested that pesticides can have a negative impact on the development of children and fetuses.

Pesticide covered food (even in trace amounts) can cause damage over long periods of time

Moreover even if the food is washed. Children who consume larger amounts of pesticides can be more likely to develop conditions like ADHD.

If you want the best for your children you can do so by blending organic foods into your diet.


(2) It’s More Sustainable

Organically grown crops tend to be more sustainable due to the methods used by farmers.

Furthermore, their soil is more likely to be rich in nutrients like nitrogen, and have a healthy amount of biodiversity.

In addition organic food isn’t just all about being healthy for yourself

you’re also making a big impact on the environment when you purchase organic foods.

Considering that the vast majority of farms use conventional methods, you’re supporting a growing industry.


(3) Organic Tastes Better

Organic foods such as meat can taste a lot better than it’s factory farm cousin.

This is because organic farms will often employ “free range” methods of feeding and storing their animals.

They’re healthier, happier, and have a higher muscle composition to fat ratio than factory farming.

Also there are also no additives in organic products,

that means you don’t need to be worried wondering if you’re actually eating meat.

When you’re eating your food, you want to know what’s in it, and you should be able to find out.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with conventional forms of farming in the modern era.


(4) Organic Food Does More

If you’re still thinking that purchasing conventional fruits and vegetables is fine, as long as you wash them, think again!

Firstly even though you’ve washed the outer layer of the vegetables or fruit there’s still an amount of pesticides that have absorbed through the skin.

With organically grown foods you won’t need to worry about unnatural pesticides and herbicides.

Furthermore, washing your food is still the most effective methods of removing these chemicals

so make sure you still do it when you’re eating conventionally grown crops.

It’s also a great method of washing off germs and naturally growing pathogens on your foods, organic or not.


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