30-Day Weight-Loss Plan Day 3

30-Day Weight-Loss Plan Day 3
30-Day Weight-Loss Plan Day 3

30-Day Weight-Loss Plan Day 3

30-Day Weight-Loss Plan Day 3

Firstly, this plan is optimized to save you time and energy by reusing ingredients and leftovers in creative ways throughout the month.

Moreover, this is done by keeping this plan simple yet exciting and delicious, you’ll be motivated to stick with it till the end




Today beings the third day of your meal plan, you will start I.F (INTERMITTENT FASTING).

Now before the meal plan, I want to give you a heads up about the diet.

Intermittent fasting (I.F) is an eating pattern that cycles between fasting and eating. The goal is to get your body in a state called “ketosis” which is when your body taps into its fat stores for energy all in an attempt to stimulate lipolysis. To do this, you will have to be on a calorific deficit (taking less calories that your body needs).

There are many methods of doing I.F but in this 30-day meal plan, you will be doing the 16-8 type of intermittent fasting.

The 16/8 method is also called the lean gains protocol, it involves fasting for 16 hours with an eight-hour eating window. So that’s fasting from 10pm when you sleep till around 2pm the following day.

One more thing before we start. Intermittent fasting is not for everybody. Please stop this meal plan now if you fall into any of the following categories.

 If you are pregnant



a history of eating disorders



above 45 years of age

So, with that being said…shall we?


Breakfast: Fast

There are a lot of things that may seem harmless but can break your fast.

  • Milk
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Tea/coffee with cream or sugar
  • Sodas
  • Pap/custard

There are few things however you are allowed to take when fasting.


Black coffee: there was a study published in the journal “cell cycle” that the polyphenols in coffee encouraged cells to undergo autophagy. Coffee has caffeine and caffeine helps your fasting. It boosts fatloss and helps in cellular rejuvenation.


Tea: any tea will do. Black tea or green tea will suffice. But do not add any sweetener or creamer.

Water: water flushes out toxins from the body and can sometimes work as an appetite suppressant



Time 2pm – break your fast with a small snack. A few fruits will do. Drink lots of water and have a large satisfying protein meal later= 200 calories

3pm: Beans and plantain (unripe) with vegetable stew= 315 calories




Time 6pm – Boiled Irish potatoes/sweet potatoes with stew= 489 calories

Calorie breakdown: 19% fat, 74% carbs, 7% protein


Snack (8pm) have any snack you want that is under 200 calories. It could be fruits or dark chocolate

Total calories for the day= 1204


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